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Search Engines:

Stay away from advertising that states we will submit your site to over xxxx search engines.
There are only about 12 real search engines that provide 98% of the internets searches.
Most of the rest are free link pages where you get a listing on their page and then an email from them advertising their product. They typically allow 50-100 listings on their page and then you get pushed off the page typically in less than an hour to accommodate new listings. The search engines will not index those links sites during the hour you were listed so you lose.

The real search engines that provide 98% of the traffic you need to submit your site to each one manually. Typically after submittal it can take a search engine anywhere from 4-16 weeks to get your site listed. Some search engines will have an express listing service which is very good but cost about $50 per search engine. 

Major search engines are:
Google, Overture, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Excite, Lycos, Altavista, Hotbot, About, Looksmart

All of the major search engines are now charging for your web site to be submitted and most of them you pay for each web page to be indexed. Aprox. $30 per page.

Some submittal companies have set up an affiliation with these search engines to list you on several of them. Costs vary for these services.

Marketing thru the search engines can be complicated and very time consuming.
Their are many aspects to doing it right.

If you are interested in search engine marketing please call us at: 1-866-771-3159.

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