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Database Development

Databases are becoming a common valuable tool for web sites and in present days is now very cost effective if applied properly. Databases can be used from mailing lists to banking systems. Proper design and development of a database allows for flexibility of growth and changes in the future. Mageworx development is largely dependable on databases and their options.

Ecommerce shopping carts, mailing lists, invoicing, newsletters, bulletin boards, inventory management, search engines, directory listing portals and accounting all use databases.

We specialize in database design using MySQL and PHP. Our project manager is a software developer of 10 years in medical equipment software design and follows thru the 5 cycles of development in a modular concept. We have a staff of expert and seasoned programmers that can meet your needs small or large. Click here for magento extensions and find the modules you really need.

  • Concept and Feasibility - Is a database needed?
    What are the basic concepts the database needs to provide results for?
    Initial ROM (rough order of magnitude) costs of the project.
    What is the estimated ROI (return on investment)
    Overview of implementation and training impacts.

  • Preliminary Design - Determine the functions the database needs to perform.
    Defining the Inputs, Processing, Outputs, Reports, Administration.

  • Detail Design - Development of the database. Design and programming of the
    modules needed for input, output, administrative, report and end user needs.

  • Implementation - Smooth integration of the database system into the current system/

  • Training - Instruction on how to use the database and retrieve data.

We have developed databases for  ecommerce shopping,  classified ads, Online classes, backend systems for managing international contractor sales. Our clientele projects range from small businesses to large corporations. Our latest project was an online DMV Traffic School Course.

If you are researching the possible need for a database project please
contact our Project Manager - Design


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